Wednesday, October 9, 2019


WRITE AN ON BETWEEN THE WORLD AND ME BY RICHARD WRIGHT - Essay Example He embarks on using fragmentation and unique perspective to help reinforce and focus on the themes of the poem.  Combining all these things makes Wright’s works on the poem potent (Harris 95-102). It is about a man who experiences the death of the victim by staring at his burnt skeleton. The reader experiences deep regrets and sadness for the victim after the initial reading. It is only after reading the poem severally that the reader gets to know the author’s real meaning. It is common for man to view tragic occurrences with remorse and pity. People cannot understand the situation unless they give it a view from the victim’s perspective. The theme of the poem becomes apparent when the central character mentally experiences the sufferings and death of the victim. Wright’s poem starts with the protagonist walking through the woods and comes across a human-like burnt-to-ashes skeleton on a tree. The initial scene represents how people and society view tragedies. The society position is of viewing adversities as terrible misfortunes. People are deeply saddened by such circumstances, but they lack the understanding of the victims emotions and viewpoint. The world remains separated from the victim until when people understand the victim’s emotions and prospective that results from the incident (Harris 95-102). As the poem continues, the protagonist view of the victims demise with an outsider’s view progresses. The protagonist experiences cold pities because of the life experienced as he continues to view and think about the death of the victim. The details of the death become apparent to the protagonist after the cold pities. When "the dry and hard bones stirred, lifted, rattled, melting themselves" into the body of the protagonist, the character now realizes the victims situation and pains. When the protagonists change to be a victim by imagination and mental processes, what the victim went through

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